Process Agency

Trusted local agent

Appointing a trusted local agent to accept service of process under legal agreements gives you the comfort that you will receive fast, timely delivery of notices. It also avoids the need to establish offices in every jurisdiction or country where you have a presence.

As a truly independent and reliable corporate services provider, Cafico International are well positioned to help you manage syndicated loan transactions, including handling the flow of fund and communication between transaction parties.

Tailored solution

We provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective process agency service with flexible packages and payment options, so you get the most tailored solution.

Our offices in Dublin and London are frequently recommended by overseas lawyers who need to appoint a process agent to accept service of legal process from the Irish or UK courts on behalf of overseas companies and individuals who have entered into contractual agreements, governed by the laws of those jurisdictions.

  • Act as process agent for court actions and proceedings

  • Receive documentation relating to arbitration proceedings

  • Receive notices under contracts on behalf of transaction parties

  • Receive documentation relating to loan agreements, leasing agreements, inter-creditor agreements etc.

Simple set up

To appoint us as process agent for your interests we can send you a form of appointment which, once the scope of engagement is agreed and documentation signed and returned, authorises Cafico International to accept service of process on your behalf.

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