Independent Trust and Corporate Services Provider

Structured Finance

Cafico International offers the full range of services required for the establishment, operation and management of Special Purpose Vehicles (“SPVs”). We are committed to providing an outstanding level of service, supported by highly competent and experienced practitioners. To do so we appoint experienced and knowledgeable directors from within our teams to manage our portfolio of SPVs.

Our specialist legal and accounting teams ensure that corporate governance and financial management are carried out to the highest standards. Through careful monitoring and diligent application, we ensure that all SPVs are fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

Working extensively with the originators of securitised assets, financial institutions, investment managers, arrangers, trustees, investors, collateral managers and regulators, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each transaction to offer the best solutions for your business’ needs

  • Company Formation
  • Registered Office
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Directorship Services
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Financial Reporting Services
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Transaction Execution
  • Registrar, calculation agency and paying agency services (for unlisted transactions)
  • Tax Registration
Regulatory Reporting

FVC – As part of our structured finance services, where the reporting requirements of an SPV that we are engaged to administer are such that it falls within the remit of Regulation (EC) No. 24/2009 of the European Central Bank – Financial Vehicle Corporation Regulations (the “FVC Regulations”), we assist such clients in acting as their reporting agent and attending to the preparation and submission to the Central Bank of Ireland of the quarterly FVC Returns on behalf of the SPV to assist it in complying with the FVC Regulations.

EMIR – In circumstances where an entity that we administer or manage has entered into derivative transactions, we will assist in attending to the requisite European Market Infrastructure Regulation (“EMIR”) reporting obligations as required under Regulation 648/2012 on OTC Derivatives, Central Counterparties and Trade Repositories.

FATCA and CRS Registration – We will assist our clients in determining whether or not they are classified as Reporting Irish Financial Institutions (“FFIs”) under Ireland’s intergovernmental agreement with the US, with potential registration and reporting obligations. And, as required, perform Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”) registrations and reporting in instances where accounts are held by US persons. In addition, we will attend to the registration and compliance with the Irish Common Reporting Standard Regulations (“CRS”) of the SPV in determining whether it is classified as a Reportable Financial Institution (“RFI”) or a Non-Financial Entity (“NFE”).

Working with Cafico International provides you with access to our specialist knowledge and experience in financial reporting and corporate administration of SPVs for structured finance transactions.