Independent Trust and Corporate Services Provider

General Services

Company Formation

Cafico International provides a professional company incorporation service in assisting with all aspects of the company formation process, business name registration and the necessary compliance requirements in attending to such formations and registrations with the Irish Companies Registration Office.

Director Services

We can procure experienced professionals with relevant industry or sector knowledge to act as directors for your company, who will take responsibility for carrying out management tasks on behalf of the company. Working with experienced directors helps maintain high standards of corporate governance and ensure adherence to local rules and regulations.

Registered Office Services
Cafico International provides clients with a registered office address, business address and serviced office space, as required. In addition to providing a registered office address for client companies, any such correspondence received on behalf of such client companies will be forwarded, as may be necessary in accordance with the terms of the transaction documents, by courier or by registered post to the relevant parties or as otherwise agreed with our clients.

Treasury Outsourcing Services

Our capability incorporates cash management, back office services, trade execution, netting, valuations, reporting and treasury accounting and covers the wide range of cash, debt, derivatives and securities instruments.

We offer a broad range of tailored solutions to support your treasury needs. By fully understanding your business needs, our corporate treasury specialists are committed to delivering efficient, customised solutions.

Our trusted expertise adds value not only by saving on transaction costs, but also by allowing you to rapidly acquire treasury skills, automate processes and better manage treasury risks. With best practice procedures in place, our services allow you to free up treasury department resources to focus on more strategic activities.

Cash and Liquidity Management

  • Provide cash forecasting and balance monitoring services
  • Assist in investing surplus pool liquidity
  • Assist with the establishment of regional and global cash pools with various banks
  • Coordinate relevant pool documentation
  • Record daily bank account transactions for all entities within the cash pooling structure
  • Generate daily bank reconciliations and intra-group interest calculations
  • Produce periodic subsidiary account statements and intercompany confirmations
  • Prepare loan and zero-balancing agreements
  • Setup of BAI bank uploads to a range of treasury management systems


  • Administer the monthly netting process
  • Execute currency spot deals to hedge FX exposures arising from the netting
  • Settle netting transactions by cash payment or through intercompany journals
  • Provide netting reports and accounting entries for each netting cycle

Treasury Accounting and Reporting

  • Provide full monthly financial accounting according to local GAAP or IFRS
  • Prepare periodic head office and subsidiary account statements
  • Annual financial statements

Inter-Company Loan Administration

  • Produce loan agreements
  • Administer new loans and deposits, repayments, inter-company loan documentation, transaction recording
  • Provide interest calculations
  • Prepare periodic interest invoices

Treasury Front and Back Office Services

  • Check and confirm daily bank entries
  • Execute transactions for FX deals, third party and intra group payments
  • Reconcile cash pool bank accounts daily
  • Timely response to query resolution
  • Manage daily, weekly and monthly reporting
  • Handle accounting entries for all transactions
  • Money market placing
  • Ensure investment policy compliance
  • Manage cash positions
  • Assist with FX spots and swaps to manage surplus funds
Executive Payroll Services

Cafico International provides the following services in fulfilment of its role as payroll agent for both financial services special purpose vehicles and trading companies.

  • Registration of the client company for payroll taxes with the Irish Revenue Commissioners (if applicable);
  • Registration as PAYE tax agent for our client company with the Irish Revenue Commissioners;
  • Employee Master data setup;
  • Payroll structure setup on payroll system;
  • Processing of payroll on an annual basis;
  • Payments setup (either Excel or EMTS file);
  • Issue of electronic payslips to employees;
  • Completion of periodic PAYE/PRSI returns (P30s) and the annual P35 return in respect of employees and submission of the P30 and P35 returns to the Irish Revenue Commissioners;
  • P45 Management (Incoming and Outgoing); and
  • Preparation, completion and issuance of the annual P60 in respect of the employees.
Recruitment Assistance

Cafico International can assist clients with staff and management procurement. We also ensure your employees are compliant with local regulation requirements, as well as clients’ global HR policies and procedures.

Using our extensive local network we can identify candidates suitable to your specification and requirement. We screen, interview and shortlist prospective employees in order to present to you appropriately qualified individuals who represent a good fit with your organisation’s culture, and with suitable technical expertise and experience background.

Cafico International also offer a more expedient solution to assist FDI companies during the incubation stage of their business trading activities in Ireland. We can source suitable general management, finance and administrative staff for client companies to work with them on a permanent part-time basis, which works well where forecast work volumes are modest by reason of early or ramp-up phase of operations.

FVC Reporting

As part of our Structured Finance Services, where the reporting requirements of an SPV that we are engaged to administer are such that it falls within the remit of Regulation (EC) No. 24/2009 of the European Central Bank – Financial Vehicle Corporation Regulations (the “FVC Regulations”), we assist such clients in acting as their reporting agent and attending to the preparation and submission to the Central Bank of Ireland of the quarterly FVC Returns on behalf of the SPV to assist it in complying with the FVC Regulations.

Process Agency Services

Cafico International offers a reliable, efficient and cost effective process agency service to non-Irish clients who have entered into legal agreements governed by the laws of Ireland and would therefore need to appoint a local agent to accept service of process under such legal agreements. Our appointment as process agent covers service of documents relating to contracts, agreements and ancillary documentation and our appointment gives you the comfort that you will receive fast delivery of notices.

We are often recommended by overseas lawyers who need to appoint a process agent in Ireland to accept service of legal process from the Irish courts on behalf of overseas companies and individuals who have entered into high level agreements, governed by the UK law.

Cafico International will act as your process agent in relation to:

  •   Proceedings issued out of the courts; and
  •   Arbitration proceedings.

We can provide flexible packages and payment options so you get the most cost effective solution.

Business Office Services

We can offer clients a fully-equipped professional office space, together with complementary support services, in a prestigious location in the heart of Dublin’s professional services district. Our well-appointed offices allow you to focus on your business in an exceptional working environment.

Clients may choose from a private, shared or open-plan workspace, with 24-hour secure access. Typical office sizes offered range from 300 to 1,000 square feet (28 to 95 square metres).

From personal desk space and meeting rooms to logistic and administrative support, our entire suite of business services are tailored to your individual needs.

  • Fully-equipped modern offices with IT and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Meeting rooms and conference facilities
  • Business support teams
  • Facility management
  • Secretarial services
  • Long-standing relationships with local authorities, realtors and advisors.
Cape Town Convention and IAA Registrations

The Cape Town Convention is designed to create an international framework for the formation, registration (through an International Registry), protection and enforcement of certain international interests in airframes, aircraft engines and helicopters.

As a professional user entity on the International Registry, Cafico International can assist clients with the registration of their interests in aircraft and engines under the Cape Town Convention.

Further, we can assist in the preparation of all necessary documentation required for the purposes of registering an aircraft with the Irish Aviation Authority and Commission for Communication Regulation.

These registration services are typically wrapped with the support we offer clients in relation to the establishment and maintenance of Irish special purposes vehicles and group structures in connection with aircraft leasing transactions.

Irish Aviation Authority (“IAA”) Registrations

The Irish Aviation Authority is the sole authority for the registration of civil aircraft in the Republic of Ireland. Its Aircraft Registration Department maintains the register of civil aircraft registered in Ireland.

We can assist clients with documentation preparation and filing of a registration to the IAA.

An aircraft may be registered in Ireland subject to the condition that it be managed and operated from a place within the State and based therein or that it be managed and operated by an air transport undertaking holding an Air Operator Certificate issued by the Authority.

Vat Compliance Services

Cafico International can assist companies with their bi-monthly and annual VAT return submissions to the Irish Revenue authorities (“Revenue”).

VAT return services include:

  • Registration as the VAT Agent with Revenue if so required.
  • Collation and review of invoices to be included in VAT Returns.
  • Preparation of schedules outlining basis of VAT return completion.
  • Filing of the bi-monthly VAT return with Revenue through the Revenue On-line System (“ROS”).
  • Reporting of VAT liability to our client and assistance with payment as required.
  • Completion and submission to Revenue of the VAT annual return of trading details form for the company.
  • Annual calculation and submission to Revenue of company’s VAT recovery rate.
  • Adjustments, as required, to prior VAT returns submitted using an estimated VAT recovery rate.
  • Preparation of Intrastat and VIES returns for the client companies, if appropriate.
Liquidation Services

We assist with the attendance of the orderly winding up of companies in the following ways:

  • Arranging for the provision of a nominee to act as liquidator for both members’ and creditors’ voluntary liquidations.
  • Preparation of the Liquidator’s consent to act and provision of same well in advance of the meeting of the directors of the company at which a declaration of solvency will be approved and sworn.
  • Attendance at the extraordinary general meeting of the company at which the Liquidator is appointed (if required).
  • Attendance at the meeting of the creditors of the company at which the Liquidator’s appointment is ratified.
  • Preparation and filing of all necessary statutory forms with the Companies Registration Office.
  • Preparation and delivery of all relevant notifications to the Irish Government Publications Office, Iris Oifigiuil.
  • Issuance of notification of the appointment of the Liquidator to the various stakeholders of the company in liquidation including the Directors, Company Secretary, regulatory authorities, service providers, professional advisers, creditors and tax authorities.
  • Liaising with each of the above named parties to ensure the timely liquidation of the company.
  • Filing of all necessary returns for the period of the liquidation with the Irish tax authorities.
  • Obtaining clearance from the Irish tax authorities to bring the liquidation of the company in liquidation to a conclusion.
  • Placing of advertisements in two national newspapers for creditors to come forward.
  • Taking possession of and realisation of the assets of a company in liquidation.
  • Maintenance of all bank accounts in the name of a company in liquidation from the date of the appointment of the Liquidator.
  • Maintenance of all statutory records of a company in liquidation from the date of the appointment of the Liquidator.
  • Issuing instructions to ensure payment of all creditors of the company in liquidation where there are sufficient funds to meet the claims.
  • Issuing instructions to ensure prompt and proper distribution of assets in order of priority.
  • Preparation of any applications necessary for the withdrawal of the regulatory authorisation of the company in liquidation.
  • Preparation of all documentation relating to the final general meetings of the company in liquidation.
  • Issuance of letters advising of the final wind up together with the statement of final account to the various stakeholders of the company in liquidation including the Directors, Company Secretary, creditors, regulatory authorities, service providers, professional advisers, creditors and tax authorities.