Independent Trust and Corporate Services Provider

Financial Reporting and Accounting Services

Safe guarding and supervision of financial information, accurate and regular reporting of accounting information, production of annual financial statements, compliance with regulatory reporting obligations and efficient management of financial administration functions are critical to the success of our clients’ businesses.

Cafico International has the expertise to provide our clients with high quality financial reporting and administration solutions, tailored to meet each client’s internal and external reporting obligations and corporate governance needs, thereby ensuring that all of our client companies’ statutory obligations are met.

Financial Reporting and Accounting Services Offered:

Management Reporting, Statutory Financial Statements and Group Consolidation

Our clients look to us to maintain their local books and records of their subsidiaries in accordance with all relevant company law and financial reporting requirements. In collaboration with our clients, we also design and implement internal controls and reporting protocols.

Clients regularly engage Cafico International to assist with the implementation of a bespoke accounting package or system tailored to their specific requirement. Accordingly, accurate and timely reporting is a critical part of the package.

As part of our tailored solution, we are experienced in providing periodical management accounts for our clients as well as preparing financial statements and liaising with local auditors to ensure the timely production of annual consolidated financial statements in accordance with our clients’ financial reporting timelines.

Budgeting, Forecasting and Cashflows

Further to our management accounts offering, we can assist clients’ planning through the preparation of budgets and forecasts and cashflow reports.

Tax Registration, Administration and Statistical Returns

We liaise with  local tax authorities on behalf of our clients to ensure timely registration for Value Added Tax (“VAT”), Corporation Tax and Payroll Taxes and assist our clients thereafter in the processing and submission of the relevant forms with the local tax authorities and the online payments in respect of such returns in an agency capacity on behalf of our clients.

Cash and Treasury Management

We assist with the opening of bank accounts and the fulfilment of relevant compliance obligations and, as when required, we also assist with the management and administration of the bank accounts opened on behalf of our clients.

We provide a comprehensive treasury management service to include payment processing, fund management, transfer handling and bank account reconciliation. We also support clients in maintaining an overview of their various accounts held across multiple currencies and jurisdictions.

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Management

We assist clients in actively managing the cashflow of their businesses through implementation of efficient accounts receivable and accounts payable reporting, management and processing systems.

Fixed Asset Register

We assist clients through the maintenance of fixed asset registers, recording and tracking assets through their useful life or until disposal. Details captured include warranty, insurance, percentage business use, physical location and salvage value information.

Payroll Services

The key asset of our clients’ companies is their staff. We assist our clients with the preparation of all payroll calculations in respect of the employees of the company, including the monthly tax and relevant government insurance liabilities arising and the completion and submission of the monthly  and annual  documentation in respect of such employees and the submission thereof to the local tax authorities.

We also assist clients’ in the issuance of payslips and a detailed breakdown of the taxes payable and where applicable, the procurement of any relevant exclusion orders.