Independent Trust and Corporate Services Provider

Company Secretarial Services

Cafico International’s experienced company secretarial team supports company management with their duty to ensure compliance with statutory obligations as provided for in company legislation and in the observance of the company’s own regulations as provided for in the company’s constitutional documents.

The following services are typically provided by Cafico International in fulfilment of its role as Company Secretary of client companies.

  • We act as the named Company Secretary for the Company and discharge the duties of the Company Secretary as set out by  domestic and international company law.
  • We maintain all statutory registers of the Company as required by the applicable legislation and any other key records and documents of the Company as requested.
  • Maintenance of the board meeting and general shareholder meeting minute books of the Company.
  • Retention of the common seal of the Company and maintenance of a signing and sealing register, if required, and arranging execution of documents on behalf of the Company as and when required.
  • Preparation of any and all necessary company filings, as required by any governmental or regulatory body e.g. notifications in respect of the appointment and resignation of directors/secretary, amendments to the constitutive documents of the Company, etc.
  • Arranging, attending and preparation of the minutes of a board meeting to include:
    • preparation of draft agendas and notices;
    • collation of information and reports for inclusion in the Board packs;
    • preparation and distribution of the finalised board packs in a timely manner to directors and other board meeting attendees.
  • Preparation of a list of action points arising from board meetings and coordinating the responses of the service providers to the Company to any action points arising from such meetings within timelines set down by the Board of the Company or agreed upon procedures.
  • Preparation of pro-forma minutes of ad-hoc meetings / resolutions of the Company as and when required, for example minutes of board meetings necessary to approve the execution of material documents.
  • Preparation of all documentation in connection with the annual general meeting (“AGM”) of the Company to include the preparation of the shareholders’ circular, notice, form of proxy and minutes and attending to the holding of the AGM..
  • Attending and preparation of the minutes of any extraordinary general meetings (“EGM”) of the Company which may be held from time to time to include the collation and processing of all forms of proxy returned by shareholders of the Company and the preparation of the minutes of the EGM.
  • Liaising with the administrator, auditor and legal advisers to assist in the timely completion of the annual audited financial statements of the Company and attending to the filing of those financial statements with all relevant regulatory authorities.
  • Provision of ad-hoc corporate compliance and governance advices as maybe required from time to time.