28 Jan 22

Registration of Natural Persons - Luxembourg National Identification Number (LNIN)

A notice issued in October 2021 by the Luxembourg Business Register (LBR) stated that all individuals registered with the Luxembourg Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés (RCS) in whichever capacity (i.e. manager, director, authorised representative, shareholder, liquidator or auditor etc.) whether residing in Luxembourg or not, will be required to communicate their Luxembourg National Identification Number (LNIN) to the LBR from the first quarter of 2022 onwards. Where an individual does not have a LNIN, they will have to request a LNIN from the LBR.

The new requirement will be applicable for all new entities and any existing Luxembourg entities, beginning at the end of March 2022.

The LBR is yet to communicate a mandatory date but have recommended the gathering of information for the creation of LNINs as soon as possible.

For any individuals that already have a LNIN, this LNIN must be communicated during the filing process. If an individual does not yet possess a LNIN, the person requesting the filing will need to apply to receive one for the individual as part of the filing process with the LBR. The disclosures on the RCS will remain unchanged and the LNIN will be communicated thereafter to its holder and will not be publicly available on the LBR. Upon its creation, the LNIN will also be transmitted to the National Register of Individuals.

To acquire a LNIN, the individual must provide the following items:

  1. A copy of their identity card or passport;

  2. Proof of their current private residence;

  3. Nationality; and

  4. Gender.

As no further information has been provided regarding the mandatory application of the LNIN, it has been recommended that proactive measures are undertaken to gather the information for LNINs as soon as possible.

How can we help?

At Cafico International, we can assist you with the registration or amendment of a person with the RCS, request a LNIN for an individual that does not currently possess one and update any information of an individual in the RCS who is in receipt of a LNIN.