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Global Irish Network – Renewed focus on Global Irish Community

Global Irish Network – Renewed focus on Global Irish Community

Yesterday, the Government set out its plan to enhance Ireland’s engagement with its worldwide community. The initiative will be led by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, working closely with the Embassies and Consulates.

Ireland’s Embassies and Consulates work hand in hand with thousands of organisations across the world promoting social, cultural, heritage & business links with Ireland. Without them, we would not enjoy the profile or reputation our small country currently enjoys. Life would be a lot duller too.

Every positive engagement with Irish culture has a positive impact on our reputation and in turn on our business interests – as it encourages people to visit Ireland, try an Irish food or drink product and maybe think of Ireland as a location for their tech start-up.

The ‘Global Irish’ policy includes a set of actions to broaden and deepen that engagement, including;

• Fourth Global Irish Economic Forum will be held on 19-21 November 2015;
• First Global Irish Civic Forum will be held in June 2015;
• Communicates the recent Government decision on voting for citizens overseas.

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Global Irish provides information for Irish people and people of Irish descent living outside of Ireland, helping them maintain their connections to Ireland.