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Financial Statements

We can help you with the challenging task of preparing both  IFRS and FRS (Irish and UK GAAP) Compliant Financial Statements, using specially developed financial reporting software.

Cafico International’s expert team are standing by to support your business. We are the provider of choice for the delivery of even the most complex financial statements,  helping hundreds of companies prepare their financial statements for presentation to stakeholders and regulators.

We work with clients in industries as diverse as aircraft leasing, financial services, private equity, FinTech, BioTech, Property, FMCG, including startups. We understand the importance of preparing high quality financial statements and we know how time consuming this can be.

Outsourcing the burdensome task of preparing financial statements enables your team to work on your core business priorities. It makes great business sense to place your trust in Cafico International, an experienced corporate service provider and let our experienced team take the stress out of your financial statements.

Click here to read our blog elaborating on these 6 Reasons to Outsource your Financial Statements:

1. Reduce costs and work hours

2. Reduce errors and duplication of work

3. We tailor our templates to your in-house style

4. Free up your team to focus on core activity

5. Easier audit process

6. iXBRL Tagging included

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