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Cafico International lending a helping hand to OWLS – The Children’s Nature Charity

Cafico International lending a helping hand to OWLS – The Children’s Nature Charity

In December 2017, Team Cafico International lent a hand to OWLS – The Children’s Nature Charity, which provides education and enjoyment of nature to kids and their families. The charity runs a series of outdoor events and workshops throughout the year that take place in parks and natural areas. The aim of the events is to offer young children experiences that get them in tune with their natural world, whilst learning and having fun at the same time.

For two days, our volunteers helped out at a woodland site in Turvey Park, Donabate, by building and repairing outdoor activity features, tidying up a secret garden, clearing out old growth, putting in fences and helping out with a general DIY. Not only did everyone find the hard work a satisfying change from their office desk, all were delighted to roast marshmallows over a campfire in the frosty weather.

We would like to thank Andrew Fleming at OWLS, who warmly welcomed us to the Park and made these days a great teambuilding exercise. From the feedback received, it appears that Team Cafico International would love to help out again.

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