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Cafico International lending a hand to a local charity

Cafico International lending a hand to a local charity

On Friday 25th November 2016 Team Cafico International was lending a hand to a local charity – Cheeverstown House, by participating in its annual Christmas Food Appeal at a local supermarket. The day was a great success as hundreds of donations were received and all involved agreed that the event had made their day.

As usual, the competition between the team members was taking place and the biggest “Chatterbox” this time around was Enda, who managed to stop almost every single customer on their way to the shop and to our great delight every fourth shopper who passed the donations trolley on their way out did leave some Christmas joy to be passed to those in need.

We hope this type of partaking in local community programmes is of continued enjoyment for all of us in Cafico International and for local charities.

Rodney O’Rourke, Managing Director of Cafico International:  “We recently undertook some charity work in relation to a well-deserved local charity – Cheeverstown House.  As part of our ongoing effort to promote corporate responsibility in areas of social inequality, we feel it is important to “give back” to deserving causes such as Cheeverstown House.  We also have been fortunate to be able to make charitable donations to such worthy causes as Focus Ireland, Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association and the Jack and Jill Foundation, amongst others over the past number of years.  Cafico International will always endeavour to participate in worthwhile community projects”