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After 20 Years, the Global ABS Was Better Than Ever!

After 20 Years, the Global ABS Was Better Than Ever!

Europe’s most significant gathering in the securitisation industry celebrated its 20th Anniversary, as the Global ABS took place in Barcelona, Spain.

This year was the biggest so far, as the event blended a mix of looking back at past events and looking forward to the future.

The keynote speakers included:

  • Gillian Tett – US Managing Editor, Financial Times
  • Greg Medcraft – Chairman, Australian Securities & Investment Commission
  • Almoro Rubin De Cervin – Head of Unit, Directorate-General for Financial Services, European Commission
  • Paul Tang – Member, European Parliament (S&D)

“This conference provides an invaluable opportunity to meet financial institutions and investors involved in the structuring and arranging of transactions across various asset classes,” said Rodney O’Rourke, Managing Director of Cafico International.

This year’s event focused on looking back at some of the historic developments in ABS while providing an outlook on new innovations and how the market is adapting to positive regulatory developments as renewed confidence in securitisation helps restore economic growth and builds towards capital markets union in Europe.

Some of the key points participants took away from panels and discussions included:

  • Economist Editor, Philip Coggan stated that immigration is crucial to breathing new life into stagnant economies. He added that nationalistic right wing leaders and their policies are poised to kill this opportunity.
  • Many in the industry are frustrated with new and changing regulations in EU, such as a proposal to increase risk retention to 20%,
  • Others are concerned about the impact of how EU and US rules could be harmonized.
  • Disappearing liquidity in ABS markets is hurting those markets in a serious way.

Rodney O’Rourke and the Cafico International team look forward to being part of the next conference.