Independent Trust and Corporate Services Provider

Our Services

Cafico International’s team of lawyers, accountants and corporate administrators have significant expertise in delivering superior services and cost-effective solutions for clients. Cafico International is the Corporate Services Provider of choice for international companies and financial institutions seeking a cost-effective, tailored solution when doing business in Ireland through Irish subsidiary or orphan companies. We focus on building long-lasting relationships. We base this on the nimble delivery of tailored, excellent and reliable service, every time. We understand the complexity of international structuring projects and of operating across borders.

We are independently owned and do not face the conflicts of interest typically encountered by service providers that are connected with law firms, banks or other market participants.


Comfort and reassurance 

Cafico International has an excellent reputation for delivering bespoke and cost effective corporate management and secretarial services.

Our clients which come a wide spectrum of sectors such as finance, information and communications technology, manufacturing, life sciences and large conglomerate groups.

Cafico International is a global provider of high-value business services to clients operating and investing globally. We focus on providing specialised and business-critical financial and administrative services that enable our clients to operate their corporate structures and finance vehicles in different geographical locations.

Since our foundation in 2012, we have been engaged by a number of international corporates and financial institutions that have collectively issued over $15BN. of debt securities on the Irish Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange.

As a compliance and governance specialist, we ensure all SPVs and trading entities on which we act are maintained in good legal standing and are fully compliant with all local laws and applicable regulations.