Independent Trust and Corporate Services Provider

About Cafico International

Cafico International is an experienced, independent Trust and Corporate Services Provider of choice for international companies and financial institutions seeking a cost-effective, tailored solution when doing business in Ireland through Irish subsidiary or orphan companies.  Cafico International works closely with financial institutions and local lawyers in the provision of corporate administration and trustee services to complex and bespoke finance transactions structured through the establishment of special purpose vehicles (“SPVs”) that avail of the favourable provisions of Section 110 of the Irish Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 (as amended).

Cafico International is also regularly engaged by international companies seeking to establish or restructure their operations through Ireland, assisting them with managing their projects and complying with the legal and fiscal responsibilities involved in the management and administration of their Irish entities, in doing so we work closely with local lawyers, auditors and other service providers. We can reference NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies among our client portfolio.

We also provide ancillary services such as assisting with office or staff procurement and in doing so engage with our extensive local network.